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Once knitting, you are not alone, and through a lifetime you can develop an authentic habit of meticulous work, made with head, hand and heart
— Rachael Matthews - The mindfulness of Knitting

What is Purl & Hank?

For generations knitters have gathered, occupying their hands with their craft to gain wisdom and create beauty. The knitting experience is as much about the occupation of mind as it is about the working of fingers and the finished fabric. Every knitter will have met their life circumstances, whether joyful or devastating with the soothing meditative rhythm of their needles. When we knit we have the opportunity to create positive change in ourselves, our community and in the world.

Purl and Hank idolize everything associated with knitting and its mindful attributes. We value our knitting community and look forward to growing with them. We pride ourselves by using the finest of materials and by constructing our goods with our very own hands.


Why I knit?

After years of staying at home to be with my children, i felt my mental health was declining.  I was lost in the overwhelming sea that is motherhood and knew i needed something in my life as an outlet.  I came across the local yarn store and enrolled in a 4 week knitting class.   Little did i know at the time all the benefits that knitting would bring to me.  Previously, i had tried yoga and bits of meditation to calm my nerves and had little success.  The rhythmic, repetitive motion and focus that accompanies knitting has the same benefits as a mediation session and therefore can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.  Knitting can slow cognitive decline, improve motor skills, help prevent arthritis, and all the while it gives you a sense of pride upon completion of a project.  While these are all amazing health benefits, my favourite benefit that knitting has brought into my life is that of the community.   Your mental health is stronger when you feel like you belong.  Its just human need.